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Long-range bird detection and tracking

Spoor software can detect and track birds up to 2km away using video. Multiple birds and flocks can be tracked real time.

3D tracking

Spoor’s proprietary model estimates a bird’s 3D flight path. This data provides insights on bird flight patterns, pre and post construction.

Species-specific data

Target species are identified automatically using our patent pending “Spoor artificial ornithologist.” System can be trained to recognise different species on request.

Collision detection and micro avoidance

Based on a bird's flight path, Spoor can detect possible collisions and other flight activity near turbines, a first for offshore solutions.

Night vision capable

Our system can track and detect birds' nocturnal activity using thermal-spectrum cameras. This enables round-the-clock monitoring.

Dynamic curtailment

Using both the 3D flight path and automated species identification Spoor will be able to offer dynamic curtailment on a turbine level with minimal impact on production.

Ease of deployment using off the shelf video cameras

System offers flexible camera and mounting options. Use tested and verified off-the-shelf camera and place based on need, not system requirements

"Spoor's system was a key enabler for the deployment of the TetraSpar turbine (USD 18 mil). Spoor's solution accelerated the path to compliance and was definitely the best solution available for our offshore project."

Mads Arild Vedøy


Approach and uniqueness

Spoor has built a unique approach to object detection based on motion and is a world-first and patented technology.

Algorithms and systems

Spoor uses a combination of computer vision, image processing, and AI models. This allows us to work with multi-modal (RGB and thermal sensor), high-resolution images (for range) and run our algorithms in real-time applications. Our custom detection-tracking-classification algorithm is cutting-edge, modular, incorporating multiple spatial and temporal ML models, and can run in the cloud as well as real-time on the edge.

Agile and cutting-edge

We use a modern agile development approach to build and host our system in a cloud-based environment and have access to cutting-edge cloud services, hardware, storage, and compute resources for development of AI models.


Although we are not in the business of building the hardware ourselves, we have, through working with our suppliers and vendors, tested and developed a range of cameras and compute solutions available on the market and can work with anything from existing equipment on-site to the latest AI-enabled equipment available on the market.

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