We make wind power

Reduce project risk, and create a smooth path to compliance

Stay compliant with Spoor's long-range detection, continuous monitoring, collision detection, and 3D localization of birds.

Increase data gathering windows by 100x

Reduce project uncertainties with more complete data that accurately represents the bird activity.

Reduce cost and complexity of bird monitoring

By using simple, readily-available cameras, we've taken the complexity out of the hardware and built it into our software.

Our vision is to help industry and nature to coexist

With the current pressure on nature, biodiversity management is bound to see a new wave of regulations and increased pressure on industry to monitor, measure and reduce its impact. We help industry tackle this challenge with our proprietary biodiversity monitoring technology.

"Spoor's system was a key enabler for the deployment of the TetraSpar turbine (USD 18 mil). Spoor's solution accelerated the path to compliance and was definitely the best solution available for our offshore project."

Mads Arild Vedøy


At Spoor, we are 100% focused on developing software that enables the wind industry to measure and report on bird impact, operationalise analysis, and implement deterrent measures.


Hours monitored


Birds tracked

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